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Artist Spotlight - A Little Love Baby! For The Mud Bvbies! (February 2021)

This month’s (February 2021) artist spotlight goes to the Mud Bvbies. This one could’ve come sooner, but the good news is we’re here now.

Mud Bvbies is comprised of two artists who’ve each built a name for themselves in Colorado. Doobie Newton and Nay Renee.

To be absolutely frank if Colorado still had any sort of music awards, I would absolutely vote for the self-titled Mud Bvbies album to have gotten album of the year in 2020.

Their combination of melodies, trap beats, hugely entertaining adlibs and catchy lyrics is the mixture to get you both rightfully ratchet and having a great time.

Mud Bvbies is all about setting the vibe and they do that with the best of them. Be it the high energy anthem C.S.M.D. the Hood lullaby Bvck N 4th, or what I’d refer to as “The balled to the crew” called The Gvng featuring Denver heavy hitter Theycallhimap (AP for short), the Mud Bvbies have something for every vibe, making their 9 track album one that you can keep on repeat all day. And trust me, I have. If you enjoy artists like Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, and Cardi B, you'll enjoy the Mud Bvbies.

As of right now they haven’t released a video for any of their songs, and they don't have a social media, but you can follow each artist separately on their personal social media.

For Nay Renee it is, [at]Nay_Renee on Instagram and [at]nayyy_renee on Twitter. For Doobie Newton it’s, [at]doobieprollyhi on both Instagram and Twitter.

You can listen to the Mud Bvbies project on the streaming platform of your choosing by clicking the album cover above.

Till next time, I'm Toussaint Lorenz and I'll Be Over Here.

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