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Colorado’s New Anthem just in time for the Denver Nuggets

It all started with a floppy disk. Austin TX born Colorado Raised beat maker/Tattoo artist Jeremy Keith (Owner of DreamHouse Tattoo & DreamCity Tattoo in Boulder, CO) placed a floppy disk into a drive (we're not sure where he got either one) and something magical happened. Sound.

Through duplication of that sound and placing it close together he came up with the very West Coast type 808 sounding bass that you hear in the latest addition to Colorado Alt. Hip-Hop Artist Toussaint Lorenz' ever growing discography. CO Anthem.

Once the beat was completed Jeremy got it to Toussaint who within a days time had the record written. This was in 2021. After a tumultuous 2 years of mixing, mastering, as well as the record being performed at Denver Westword's Underground Music Showcase and when opening for Independent Powerhouse Tech N9ne - CO Anthem is finally here!

And while it may have taken that 2 years to get here, one might say it was perfect timing since it was just in time for Game 3 of the NBA Finals featuring the Denver Nuggets (Go Nugs) vs. The Miami Heat.

With it's up upbeat energy, and Toussaint's precise and hard hitting punchlines, We think this should definitely be the anthem for The Denver Nuggets, what do you think?

Listen to CO Anthem by Toussaint Lorenz Prod. DJ Godzila on all streaming platforms here. You can also purchase the song directly here.

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