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Music to Be Murdered By (Side B)

It only seems right that Side B of the nefarious "Music To Be Murdered By" by Eminem is released on the same night that I decide to launch my mini-music blog. Why, you ask?

The Real Slim Shady was the artist that got me to fully commit to listening to rap music and thus was the match that lit the fuse that led me toward my own music career. Coincidence? Maybe. Either way we're here now.

All that being said, what do we think about it, eh?

Music To Be Murdered By (Side B) is an absolute joy ride of a follow up. While it's very apparent why the records on Side B wouldn't have been on its predecessor, it is the sequel we didn't know we needed. Much more up beat when it comes to beat selection and delivery, its got tones of older albums like, "Encore" and "The Eminem show", but is not lacking in the areas we know Em for best. Aggression, and Lyrics.

After a murderous love ballad featuring singer Skylar Gray, Em comes in heavy with the bars and wordplay on "Alfred's Theme". The beat (credits read produced by Eminem) is a sped up version of the theme song from the old TV show, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". The song itself is from Gounod's, "Funeral March of Marionette".

From there he continues to show us why when it comes to music (lyrics especially) he sits in a bracket all his own. A truth he even acknowledges on "Zues" Feat. White Gold where White Gold starts the hook saying "I be on my own".

Ending with "Discombobulated" which is reminiscent of the same energy I felt when I heard "Say What You Say" on the Eminem Show (Similar drums too) Side B is the perfect sequel, and lead in, to "Music To Be Murdered By".

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Side B of "Music To Be Murdered by" by Eminem.

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