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Meet Shaun Asakura

The Official Videographer/Photographer of IBOH

Shaun Asakura is a videographer/photographer based in Denver, CO. Shaun was raised on the West-Coast and had a diverse background in art and music.


While his primary skills are in videography and photography, he's developed skillsets in: editing, directing, screenwriting, and treatment writing, as well as pre & post-production. His experience was gained in a bootcamp style-thrown to the wolves, trial by fire type of fashion, and has continued to elevate since.

Shaun has traveled coast to coast shooting music videos, sporting competitions, weddings, and everything in between. He has worked on major film sets and one man operations, behind and in front of the camera. 

In Denver, Shaun has assisted in bringing many artists in the city to the forefront, filming hundreds of videos. See his credits below.


His original company “Queen City Hip Hop” accumulated hundreds of thousands of views of live performances in the city that otherwise would have been lost to time. Credits also below. 

Shaun has worked in and for various venues including: Red Rocks, Levitt Pavilion, The Bluebird, The Gothic and More.

Contact Shaun for your next video, event, show, wedding, photoshoot, etc.. by pressing the "Contact Shaun Asakura" button, and learn more about Shaun in our Interview with him below.

Music Video Credits include: Whole SlabJon BCece Peniston, and Philthy Rich.

Live Event Coverage includes: Wu-Tang ClanLogicNFTech N9neRittzJelly RollCes CruDillon CooperImmortal TechniqueJedi Mind Tricks, CordaeBig GiganticRyan TedderShpongleMoeJenny and the MexicatsRainbow Kitten SurpriseThird Eye BlindMercyMeDirty HeadsInspectorThe Head and the HeartChris TomlinOne RepublicGRiZSTS9Low Cut ConnieMark Knopfler and BandBig WildGreta Van Fleet, and More. 

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Shaun Asakura Interview

In your opinion, what is the most important part to being a photographer/videographer?
Having a camera. 

JK, I would have to say visualization. You have to pretty much know how a shot is going to look before taking it. If you know how it's going to look before you even pick up the camera, you will waste less time and not only capture what you want but have a better chance of capturing what your client wants.

Describe a perfect Sunday.
Idk about a perfect Sunday, a typical one would be:

Coffee > Yoga > Brunch > Deep Clean the house

I'm kind of a basic bitch. 

Also, I got to say it was a good day, if I didn't even have to use my AK.

Top 5 favorite Artists/Brands
This changes constantly but generally includes one of the following:

Holy Mob


Daft Punk


Toro Y Moi

I'm avoiding saying Drake.

What’s your all time favorite music video?

There's too many to say just one. Although over the years I have frequently come back to "John Redcorn" by Sir and "Until the quiet comes" by Flying Lotus. John Redcorn just happened to hit an emotional note with me when it was released. I'm not in that same emotional state any more but rewatching the video feels heavily nostalgic. Until the quiet comes is a bit of a masterpiece, if I can make one thing in life as good as that music video, I will feel accomplished.

Contact Shaun at the "CONTACT SHAUN ASAKURA" Button above for your next Video/Photoshoot!

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