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Who's Toussaint Lorenz?


Toussaint Lorenz is an alternative hip-hop artist from Denver, CO. Born in 1992 he started rapping at the age of 14, and spent most of his time working on his craft through "freestyling" on his porch with friends and "rap battling" anyone he could find. He began rapping with an entertainment company and pursuing a career hip-hop when he was 18.


While with the entertainment company he did many performances opening for local Colorado acts like Top Flite Empire, and Black Pegasus along with being tour support for national acts such as Dirtball from Kottonmouth Kings, Snow Tha Product, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Crooked I, and Futuristic.


In this time he also released 7 mixtapes, an album, and an EP. The EP was called "IBOH" (standing for I'll Be Over Here) which has since become the name of Toussaint's brand and own entertainment company.


Towards the end of 2019 he became interested in Mixing and Mastering his own music and in February of 2020 he released his first record he'd mixed/mastered himself called "Venetian Sweater Weather".


Since then he's released more music including "Pick Up Sticks" featuring Denver legend Black Pegasus, a WAP remix from the popular record by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, a remix of Futuristic's record "Cool AF", and an EP consisting of 5 original songs called, "Mustard Cherry".  


He also began designing his own merchandise for "IBOH" which lead to create a sister line of products known as "222". 


 Toussaint's wordplay and lyricism make him a strong MC amongst any group of artists. He channels his capabilities of using smooth melodies and strong phrases to get stuck in his listeners head. Along with that he captivates an almost rock like energy on certain records to keep energy and adrenaline high. In the midst of all this he keeps his content fresh, relevant, and somewhat conscious. His style has been best defined as “Alternative Hip-Hop”.


If you enjoy artists like: Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Tech N9ne, E-40, Mac Miller (RIP), Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy Toussaint's Music as well. 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic Toussaint did regular performances around the Denver metro and Boulder County area and was even included in one of Denver's most prominent recurring shows known as "Cypherpalooza" held at the infamous Gothic Theater. He's also performed at the Roxy theatre, the Marquis, the Other Side, Your Mom's House, the Fox Theater, and was a performer at the 2021 UMS (Underground Music Showcase Festival). In 2022 he was tour support for Strange Music's Head Chief and independent power house Tech N9ne and his most recent signee Jehry Robinson.  

Bringing high energy, choreography, crowd interaction, and repeatable chants, with his hype man/fellow artist aQuop32, Toussaint has been able to win over most every crowd he's performed in front of. 

Toussaint has been featured in a few publications, his most notable article being with Kyle Harris at the Denver Westword

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