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Meet Your Mastering Engineer

Toussaint Lorenz

First, what is mastering? Mastering is the final step in getting your mixed song/album/etc.. to industry quality loudness and balance. 

Toussaint Lorenz is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist, Marketer, and Mastering Engineer. 

Toussaint began his journey mixing and mastering in the fall of 2018. Grabbing every piece of literature and tapping every shoulder he could on the subject he dedicated much of his time to learning and understanding the craft. 


In 2022 Toussaint sustained a head injury forcing him to take time off from performing. With the additional free time he enrolled in a course on mastering and developed his skillset to get songs to industry quality loudness and balance. He completed the course early 2023. 

He's now utilizing his newfound expertise to bring his music and others to the quality it deserves to be at. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how his expertise can help you get the sound you deserve, or would like to hear examples of his work, hit the “Contact” button and send a message. 

Don't worry, contacting is FREE!

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