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Cupbop Korean BBQ

Image of Denver, Colorado Alternative Hip-Hop artist Toussaint Lorenz, showing his stomach tattoo that says "Hungry" outside of a Cupbop Korean BBQ Restaurant

Looking for a new fast casual restaurant in Arvada or Aurora?

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Cupbop has a wonderful story that you can go more in depth on here, but in a nut shell one of the owners went to a food convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and found that Korean food wasn't represented, so he got some friends together and thus Cupbop (which translates to "steamed rice in a cup" in Korean) was born!

I got a combo with their rock chicken and beef, which also comes with shredded lettuce, white rice, and sweet potato noodles. See Picture below.

Rock Chicken and Beef Combo from Korean BBQ Restaurant Cupbop located in Arvada, Colorado.

The other thing I love, is they let you pick your heat preference on a scale of 1 to 10.

I'm a big spicy food lover so I'm all about this, and it's great for people who may not be big into hot food as well.

I got an 8 on this order, and I've had a 10 before, but personally I've found that a 6 is the perfect balance between flavor and heat for me.

So next time your in the mood for something new, or are interested in getting some Korean BBQ, put Cupbop on your list and check them out!

Hungry Rating: H-U-N-G-R-Y

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Denver, CO Alternative Hip-Hop Artist Toussaint Lorenz Standing outside of Korean BBQ Restaurant, Cupbop, located in Arvada, Colorado.

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