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Ready For More Squid Game?

Cover Art from the single "Squid Game" by Colorado Alt. Hip-Hop Artist Toussaint Lorenz Feat. Big Nate and Produced by Shaun Asakura.

On the heels of his release “Burberry Pancakes” at the end fo September, Toussaint Lorenz is returning with a new release inspired by the hit Netflix show “Squid Game”. 

His new release (Also titled Squid Game) Is a high energy, heart pumping trap type record, that comes equip with a smooth delivery and hard hitting bars. Toussaint is joined by UK Artist “Big Nate” who brings an exemplary energy and flow of his own. 

While these emcees make sure to show out, the energy is brought out of them by the beat itself made by better known photographer/videographer Shaun Asakura. It comes with several sounds and clips recognized from the hit series as well as a hard hitting Kick to make your speakers thump. 

Along with the record comes a flip on a very common visual we’ve come to appreciate. The Hanging Microphone. Toussaint and Shaun teamed up to bring the visual shot at Denver’s own Sloan’s Lake, an area that Toussaint grew up in as a child. But while they may be using the common theme that we’ve seen be made popular from YouTube Channels like “From The Block” the big change is that we see Toussaint Rap into an empty can of Tomatoes rather than a microphone. Where it leads, we’re not sure, but we enjoy the creativity none the less. You can check out the video below and stream below as well. Be sure to like, Comment, Share, Subscribe, etc..

Squid Game The Challenge” first season airs on  Netflix Nov. 22, 2023.  

Watch “Squid Game” (Official Music Video) - Toussaint Lorenz Feat. Big Nate (Prod. Shaun Asakura Here after 11:21 MTN on 11/21/23.

Stream “Squid Game” by Toussaint Lorenz Feat. Big Nate (Prod. Shaun Asakura) Here

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