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Burberry Pancakes for National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day. Truly a day of love. We’d even argue more so than Valentine’s day. And what better way to enjoy the day than with new music?

Toussaint Lorenz comes through today with his brand new release “Burberry Pancakes” (Prod. DJ Godzila.

The song has a great funky baseline reminiscent of songs from the motown era and Toussaint delivers with lyrics about love, the little things, and of course, Pancakes 🥞 . 

You can check out the song on all streaming platforms Here, take it to the next level and purchase the song directly via our Home page Here

Whatever you do, be sure to slap it on while you spend time with that special someone, and while you eat your next stack of pancakes. 

Happy National Pancake Day!

Listen to "Burberry Pancakes" (Prod. DJ Godzila) by Toussaint Lorenz Here.

Custom Burberry Handkerchief: Ayashe Cornelius

Burberry Pancakes Cover Art: Eric Gallegos

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