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California Girls - Lil Peep & Nerdarb

Well it happened Again. The music gods decided to smile upon us with a new Lil Peep EP, and I for one am here for it, but let’s back up a bit.

Firstly as I stated on the record “Ric Flair” (Click Here and Scroll Down to Hear it) I featured on soon after his passing, R.I.P. Lil Peep N***a!

Plenty of people have told me they don’t understand my love for Lil Peep, but in my opinion he was one of the most innovative artists we had the opportunity to witness.

Oddly this is for all the same reasons that those people don’t like his music.

The Emo rap mash-up, the terrible sound quality, repetitive lyrics, heavy reverb and distortion, all the things that effectively would be don’ts were absolute do’s with Peep which is why his last Posthumous album “Everybody’s Everything” was a huge let down, and why this EP is SO good.

This EP is reminiscent of those earlier Mixtapes prior to Call Me When Your Sober Pt. 1, but a little less dark, mainly in production, which to my understanding we can thank Nerdarb for.

While I’m not familiar with Nerdarb’s work, I do feel that he effectively cared deeply for this body of work, rushed nothing, and made sure it was not what he would’ve necessarily wanted, but what Peep would’ve wanted.

The only other time that happened since his passing (in my opinion) was Call Me When Your Sober Pt. 2. This would make sense though as he was either finishing it, or had just finished it before his untimely passing.

“California Girls” is everything I wanted ”Everybody’s Everything“ to be, rather than a pop electronic seeming cash grab by his estate holders.

Needless to say, if and when I meet Nerdarb, I will thank him for this EP, and for bringing us at least one more chance to hear the Gothboiclique legend in something new and in rare form.


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