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Artist Spotlight - DA-CO (January 2021)

Updated: May 4, 2023

This month’s (January 2021) artist spotlight is another artist from Colorado named “DA-CO”. DA-CO is an artist based out of Aurora, CO. I first heard his “Green Bananas” project a couple of years ago and while the content on the project didn’t necessarily stand out to me, the sound, mix, and his voice did quite a bit. Needless to say since then his content has only improved and he’s consistent in the realms that originally stood out to me. If you enjoy artists like Mac Miller (RIP), you will definitely find something by DA-CO you enjoy. Most recently he released a project called “300 days”, a smooth summer feeling 7 song project that is definitely repeat worthy. He also released a video for his song “Too Fast” featuring another artist that will get the spotlight in the near future “Cyfe”. Be sure to check out the video below, along with adding DA-CO to your Spotify Playlist. You can keep up with him via his as well:

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