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"Feel Better" Shirt

"Feel Better" Shirt


A shirt based off my very personal/vulnerable songle “Feel Better” Prod. SuperSon1cs - This shirt sports one of my favorite lines in the song, ”There’s a lot of lessons that come with learning love.” The Heart shaped balloons 🎈 represent all the small lessons that come with learning love for ones self and others, eventually forming to the shape of a heart representing love itself. The other two designs I’m releasing on the site were made and released for the Tech N9ne show. This one is newly released RIGHT NOW!

Make sure to love yourself, or someone else, by getting one ❤️

Like all my shirts/clothing, comfort is #1. Life is rough enough. Your shirt shouldn’t be. Your nipples deserve better. This WILL be your favorite shirt in terms of comfort. Also fellas, unless you want the lady taking it and wearing it half naked around your house, hide it, or don’t get it.. I mean.. if that’s something you don’t want..

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