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This Hoodie is directly inspired by a pair of tattoos on my hands that I use as reminders.

Don’t Pick The Flowers -

This is a reminder to not belittle your accomplishments/achievements. You’re growing a life garden. Just smell your flowers.

Don’t Feed The Animals -

This ones a reminder to not feed your negative thoughts or insecurities. We all have them, just let them go rather than latching on. And if you do latch on, remember you can unlatch at anytime.

Like all my Hoodies/clothing, comfort is #1. Life is rough enough. Your Hoodie shouldn’t be. Your nipples deserve better. This WILL be your favorite Hoodie in terms of comfort. Also fellas, unless you want the lady taking it and wearing it half naked around your house, hide it, or don’t get it.. I mean.. if that’s something you don’t want..

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