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HUNGRY: Colorado Food Reviews

Apart from music, there are really only a handful of things I enjoy. One of those things is food. So much so that I got a stomach rocker tattoo (That's a tattoo that goes across your stomach) that says "HUNGRY". No kidding, here's a picture...

Alternative Hip-Hop Artist Toussaint Lorenz Showing his "Hungry" tattoo outside of Aurora restaurant TK's Surf & Turf Kitchen

Now, while the tattoo means a handful of things and I find it very entertaining, it did bring about an awesome idea!

I decided to start blogging about all of the amazing restaurants (and not so amazing ones) I have the good fortune of trying.

With that though, you know me, I dare to be different. Because of that I'll be doing a rating system for the places I try/review.

The rating system is H-U-N-G-R-Y.

H - U = It was not a good time

N - G = Okay, not worth recommending, but might eat again one day

R - Y = This should probably be your next outing

Easy peasy right? I'm super excited to share my food adventures with you, and maybe even take your recommendations!

One last thing: I know keeping up with posts can be a pain if they're not right in front of you, so I've started an Instagram page. The page name is [at]hungrytattooguy or simply click the name there and it'll take you to the page to follow. From there you'll be able to see when a new post is up and check it out!

Hope you enjoy, and Stay Hungry.

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