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Opensea NFT Agreement

Click the button at the bottom to access the collection.

Hey! Are you a collector of art or music? Have you ever wanted so badly to just have access to an artist’s music before it’s released? Like WAY before??? 


If you’re here then I’m sure you’re wondering one of 2 things. 


  1. What is an Opensea NFT? 


  2. What does this guy have to do with them, and what does it have to do with the questions above?


I’m glad you asked! 


First let’s tackle the “What”. 


An Opensea NFT or Non Fungible Token, is a digital certificate of authenticity. You see, in the world of crypto currency they’ve figured out away to attach a little data entry, or "Token", to the Ethereum block chain that basically says “This works is created authentically by this creator” and then can be sold to a buyer. Once that sale occurs, the buyer would now possess the Opensea NFT. 


For those of you who don’t know what Ethereum is, it’s a crypto (Digital) currency, similar to Bitcoin. So, since the Opensea NFT is attached to Ethereum’s block chain it means you have to purchase and sell the NFT for the currency of Ethereum. Ethereum like most other crypto currency can be translated to and from USD.


There’s a lot more that goes into it, but that’s the absolute simplest way I could put it. 


Now, on to the “What does he have to do with Opensea NFT, and what does that have to do with the me?”


Well, the cool thing about Opensea NFTs is that there’s a wide range of what can be considered an Opensea NFT, and music is one of those things. 


Usually when I or any other artist gets ready to release music, we have to have a body of work (outside of single releases, sometimes). Because of that, the process of creating the body can take time. Some artists build up a catalog and then when they’re ready, they pick what they feel to be the best mix of songs and plan a release. 


Others tend to just record what they intend to release, then release it, not building much of a catalog. 


While I advocate for artists building a catalog and think it’s a much smarter way of doing things, I in fact am the build then release type of artist. The good news is, it keeps me having goals. 


Why, am I telling you all this, you ask? Well because I like sharing my songs (Obviously) and I think it would be super cool to share them with people that are really into the music. But If I release everything as I make it, it doesn’t leave much for an ability of building a body of work. Plus, let’s be honest, you can only check for an artist so much. 


So I have decided that as I finish songs, I’m going to upload snippets accompanied by one of a kind authentic artwork that you can purchase to be able to get an early listening of the full song. Like, a WAY early one. 


This method allows you guys to really dive into the music if you so choose, check it out early, build a collection, and maybe even build up the album personally before it’s released. Your purchases would also reflect that you bought it first, and the NFT attached to it would show that as well. This would tell the world that you’re really an investor of the arts and music on a huge scale, and let people know you get to it before others. 


If I’m being honest too, there’s a lot of stuff that I’ll make that doesn’t see the light of day because as time goes on I get tired of it or don’t think it’s worth putting out. These songs will more than likely be uploaded too moving forward as it’s never my intention to shelve a song up front. So you have the potential to get those too. 


For every release there will only be 100 available, so you’d be one out of 100 others like you. 


Now while I’d love to exclusively give you the song once you purchase, and I am open to that type of negotiation for a much larger sum, these purchases would come with rules. I’ll write the technical mumbo jumbo below. 


The first one is up at this point. It’s called “Burberry Pancakes” and it’s accompanied by an authentic digital painting. You can access it Here. There’s also art available for sale not attached to music, if that’s something you’d prefer. You can access the entire collection at the button below.


Together we can make sure art, regardless of where it’s at, carries monetary value, because artists gotta eat, and without art, what kind of world are we inhabiting? 


Big Love, and look forward to hearing from you! 


Only limited personal non-commercial use and resale rights in the NFT are granted and you have no right to license, commercially exploit, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, publicly perform, or publicly display the Opensea NFT or the music or the artwork therein. All copyright and other rights are reserved and not granted.

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