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Before I made music, I listened to it. I'm a fan of it. I love music. When I was younger I always wanted to find the newest hottest record before anyone else could. I'd spend hours scouring websites to find what was hot, that nobody had heard yet. 

Now I like to do that, but I like taking it a step further and not only finding music that nobody has heard, but artists that may be trying to make a name for themselves same as me. Artists that I feel have true talent, and just need some more exposure. 

Because of this I've added this page to my site to showcase 1 artist for free for a full month. This is not a paid placement, and in fact I don't ever intend to charge for it. Talent deserves exposure and appreciation regardless of financial capability. 

That being said I will only pick music/artists I truly enjoy to show case. So submit at your own risk. I'm also not in the business of providing feedback on entries. If I like it, it will be showcased and I'll contact you when it is. 

To submit, send an email to illbeoverhere1[at] (Make sure to replace [at] with "@")



- A Video that you want showcased 

- Your name on Spotify

- A link to your music via Apple Music (This is where I listen to music, Very Important) 


If your music is not on these platforms yet, then wait and reach out once they are.


To be clear, this spotlight is not genre specific, as I like all genres. I will say I'm not big on Country, but I am still willing to listen so shoot your shot. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take..

Regardless of whether or not you're picked, I thank you for taking a chance on yourself. Thanks for making music. Keep at it. 

- Toussaint Lorenz (IBOH)


Trev Rich

This Months Artist Spotlight is debatably the most well known Hip-Hop Artist from Colorado, Trev Rich.

I first found Trev like many others when he was featured on Joe Budden’s “Dreams” Record from his Mixtape “A Loose Quarter”.


At the time I didn’t realize he was from Colorado (Nor would I really care), but what I did know was that, this dude was SPITTIN!


After that I came across his Heights III mixtape thanks to the video for "Migraines", and through that tape I became a fan of what he was doing.

Since then he’s become one of the most well known artists from Colorado having been signed to Cash Money Records (Yes, That One), touring around the country, writing for well known artists including G-Eazy, and even being featured on one of the biggest records from the “Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse” Soundtrack “Elevate” by DJ Khalil Featuring Denzel Curry, YBN Cordae, SwayVay, and Trev Rich, which lead to a Grammy Nomination.


Fast Forward to now and Trev has released his new album “Out The Dark”.

The biggest thing I’ve always admired about Trev and his music is his honesty. He’s always been able to paint a vivid picture and bring you into the parts of his life that he wants to. From the Good, to the Bad, to the Ugly.

While there‘s no shortage of this on “Out The Dark” one does feel a shift in this album compared to older ones. In particular it feels much more calculated. This may be due to the incredibly unique rollout he had for the album.


In a day and age where one has to get creative with putting content in front of people, Trev did just that, but put it in the hands of his fans for what would release and when.

Singles were unlocked by achieving some sort of directed accomplishment like, a certain amount of fan art, pre-saves, etc.. and once everything was unlocked, the album was released (4/5).

It was incredibly unique and attributed to the feeling that everything he did with the album was focused and deliberate.

Aside from all the build up leading to its release, the release itself is actually my favorite since his Heights III mixtape.


While his other releases are good, the level of reflection and goals for mental health in this album resonated deeply with me in comparison to previous albums. I’m probably biased, based on my current stance in life, but Out The Dark is both a memoir to a history that shaped someone, while also being a declaration of changing from what was, regardless of the circumstances, and I’m all for that.

Needless to say, I highly recommend checking out the album and Trev‘s other music and content, as I wouldn’t write about him if I wasn’t a fan.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram (click the name of the social media to hyperlink to the corresponding social media), stream him on Spotify & see his latest video below. Listen to Out The Dark here.


This Months Spotlight

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